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Our Ministries

Music Ministry

Mass Choir:

Mass Choir is all our choirs combined; Our mission is to strive for excellence, to sing for the Glory of the Lord and minister to the congregation and all of God's people around the world as we exalt the name of Jesus and the message of the Gospel through sincere worship and powerful praise: edifying and unifying the body of Christ. To provide support to the spoken word and affirm the same message that is preached. Opportunity is given to all who desire to serve the Lord with their voices and with musical instruments.

The Gospel Voices:

"The voice you are born with is God's gift to you; the use of your voice is your gift to God."
~ Kenneth W. Osbeck ~

"By God therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to God's name (Hebrews 13:15)."

As a music ministry our primary mission is to glorify God. We seek to do this by simply giving our gifts back to the Creator through song.

We believe that we are each uniquely gifted by God to do the work of music ministry. We acknowledge that our gifts come from God and that our joy in music also comes from God. While we are a volunteer and non-auditioned choir, we strive for quality music-making to the best of our ability. Celebrating the beauty and perfection of God's Creation requires that the means for that celebration reflect that beauty and perfection.

This ministry is about more than just singing songs and playing music. It is about worship, discipleship, and evangelism; all in the name of Jesus Christ.
God has richly blessed our church with many already involved in the blessed experience of leading worship through music. Still, our choir is open to anyone and everyone that wants to be a part of leading a dynamic expression of praise. All who want to take this opportunity or anyone who feels led to become part of our team are invited to join.

Praise Team: 

Praise is an expression of faith, and a declaration of victory! It declares that we believe God is with us and in control of the outcome of all our circumstances (Romans 8:28).

The Praise Team seeks to enrich the service in praise, worship and devotion with excellence, enthusiasm, and authenticity. Music is the medium through which the soul and spirit reach out to God in worship and praise. The Praise Team assists the worshippers in centering their thoughts upon God. For the unbeliever, it prepares their heart for the Holy Spirit to minister to them. The goal of the Praise Team is to set an atmosphere whereby we may see His glory! To prepare the hearts of the congregation for the preaching of the word of God; Bless the members of the congregation through the singing of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs; To be renewed by Gods Love through the power of praise and worship.

Our Values

Humility: Understanding God's view of who we are, and allowing Him to mold and allow His will to be done.
Intimacy and Power: Learning how to cultivate our relationship with God and draw our strength from that relationship with God.
Integrity in Relationships: Growing together as "iron sharpening iron" in an atmosphere where we speak the truth in love.
Local Church with a Global Perspective: Participating in weekly ministry at a life-giving local church with the heart and vision for the nations.
Clean Hearts and Good Skills: Cultivating the heart of a worshiper with an attitude of excellence.

Male Chorus:

Mission Statement

As a music ministry our primary mission is to glorify God! The Carver Male Chorus is a Christian organization and a church chorus whose sole purpose is to bring the message of the Gospel through the ministry of music!  We approach every rehearsal and every worship service with a spirit of Gratitude because we accept all that we are and all that we have because it has been given in grace by God. We strive for quality music-making to the best of our ability. Quality is achieved through consistent, disciplined and spirited rehearsal and performance. At all times we will strive to present ourselves as strong, positive men. We are "One choir, one voice. Through the music which is primarily rooted in the African-American gospel tradition, we minister to others, we celebrate our lives and we celebrate the many ways we come to God.

Ministry History

Through the grace of God, The Carver Male Chorus is celebrating 25 years of existence. The Carver Male Chorus started as an outgrowth of a group of men in the congregation who came together to sing during Men's Week. A handful of men ministered during that historic week. As a result, under the direction of the Deacon Odell Bryant, a new ministry known as The Carver Male Chorus was reinvigorated.

We hope to continue our growth, as we are always seeking new members.

To God be the Glory!

Young Adult Choir (Joshua Generation Ages 13-45):

The Youth Choir Music Ministry seeks to enrich the service in praise, worship and devotion. In a youthfully upbeat fashion, the Youth Choir ushers the presence of God into the service. Youth Choir ministry is a great means by which to draw other young people into the kingdom of God. The goal of the Youth Choir is to lead a new generation of youth to Jesus through the ministry of music.

Childrens Choir:

The Carver MBC Children's Choir is dedicated to the artistic and spiritual development of each child. The goal of Children's Choir is to provide a vehicle for the smaller generation to share their musical gifts, while bringing glory to our King!


Contact us and see how you can get involved

Ministry Director: Bro. Richard A. Perkins
Contact Info:
When we meet: Tuesdays and/or Thursdays

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